Wednesday, 14 August 2013

On the move again - at last!

Hooray! Finally on the move again! We arrived back at Market Drayton after an easy journey by bus, train and bus again. Everything ran like clockwork. We've been very fortunate this summer with our many train, bus and car journeys - and all have been trouble free. It can't last!
It was really lovely to be back on MM and, after settling up for our electricity use over the four weeks (Yes! Its been four whole weeks!), we were off. We have truly enjoyed our time in Market Drayton, and although we've not moved much on MM and have been away a lot, we have had tremendous fun doing other things. But now we are really impatient to get going again. We said a fond farewell to the moorings here overlooked by the giant sycamore tree and set off about teatime.
Right next to the moorings is a town house that we seriously considered buying three years ago. It never happened for all kinds of reasons - but it still looks lovely (and with its own mooring) and we couldn't help wondering what life would have been like had we settled here.
We cruised the three miles up to the top of Adderley locks, where we moored up for the night with fields full of cows on both sides and not another boat in sight. It was wonderful. So peaceful. Just before dusk, we walked up to the locks to reconnoitre; a beautiful moon in its first quarter was just rising. What a perfect place this would have been to view the Perseid meteorite shower on Monday!
Today: 3 miles, 0 Locks and 1.4 hours
Trip: 244 miles, 185 locks and 199.1 hours

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