Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Off on our travels once again.

Tuesday 21st June, 2016 at Foxton Locks.
We both slept well and awoke to a peerless morning still moored up in the Yelvertoft Marina. A four footed friend considered joining us for breakfast but then thought better of it.
We had a walk around the marina; it truly is blissfully peaceful here; the nearest road being half a mile away. Very pleasant moorings; we were almost reluctant to leave.
We set off after lunch to the sound of yellowhammers calling. It is three weeks to the day since we moored up here. Our objective for today was to reach the top of Foxton Locks. The cruising was lovely; this is a very quiet and gentle waterway with no locks. Two kingfishers played "tag" with us for over a mile,and we saw the first dragonflies of the season, most of whom seemed to be in mating mode!
On one of the bridges, we were watched closely by a herd of cows heading for the milking parlour.
M walked across the top of Husbands Bosworth tunnel, 1,166 yards long, while R took MM through.The towpath was very overgrown so M was only just able to jump off on a narrow step right by the entrance to the tunnel as MM disappeared.
The old horse path was isolated and narrow, but the countryside all about was lovely.
The path crossed the trackbed of the former London & North Western Railway's Rugby to Peterborough line; what a delightful journey that must once have been.
We moored close to the top of the Foxton flight of locks, two pairs of five "staircase" locks with a passing place in between. A marvellous view from the top but the flight appears dauntingly vertiginous!
Today: 15 miles, 0 locks and 5.7 hours.
Trip: 105 miles, 49 locks and 85.0 hours.

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