Monday, 14 November 2016

Our Last Day on the Road.

Thursday 10th November.
We both slept like the proverbial logs - for ten hours! Absolutely unheard of, for M in particular. The fitful night's sleep that we had after the election had obviously caught up with us. Also, the bedroom in the RV is very cosy and encourages restful sleep. So, we awoke refreshed to yet another day of clear blue skies.
We didn't hurry to rush off, on this our last day; we wanted to savour every last moment and the Richfield KOA campground is in a very pleasant situation in a quiet residential area.
Finally, reluctantly, we set off. We travelled on little roads again, avoiding the Interstates, through the more fabulous scenery and a number of small towns. One larger town was Manti, which boasted its own version of the Mormon Temple, perched high on a hill overlooking the town.
At one point, we passed an eagle, who had just made a "kill" off to one side of the road and was defending it from one of the local rooks. Unfortunately there was a car sitting right on the RV's tail, so R was not able to stop to photograph it. Shame.
On another occasion we passed a "road kill"; M was horrified by the small that invaded the RV. That, explained R, was a skunk. M was not impressed!!
Early afternoon, we stopped for lunch in a lovely spot south of Thistle on Hwy 89 between high hills (or low mountains) of coloured rocks and rough scrub. Lunch was quite sumptuous - smoked salmon and prawns - but then we we're trying to use up the odds and ends in the fridge!
Finally, with a big sigh, we set off on the last leg of our Big Road Trip and, all too soon, we were on the busy Interstate through Provo and on to Salt Lake City. As we approached the City, we could see a brown haze hanging over the City. David referred to it as "industrial smog", caused by a temperature inversion. It left an unpleasant chemical smell in the air. Such a contrast to the pure air of Bryce Canyon the day before.
So, tonight we are back in Salt Lake City and the RV is parked outside David's house.
Tomorrow, we have to clean out the RV and return it to the Cruise America Depot. We shall be really sad to see the RV go, we have had such a great time over the last two weeks and would REALLY like to keep it longer.
32,713 miles - 171 miles today and 1,543 miles for our trip.

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  1. Beautiful trip! Wonderful photos! Amazing weather. Glad you're both safe and sound.