Tuesday, 9 July 2013

"Zodiak" and "Many Meetings" finally get to meet!

Tuesday 9th July, 2013 at Brewood.
Another glorious day. It's such a joy to wake up with the sun streaming in the windows and the birds singing!
Our friends Mick and Jackie on "Zodiak" were on their way south after an epic trip all the way to Lancaster, the furthest north-westerly point on the canal network. They have been a great help to us, not only during our research but also when we first started sailing MM. They were kind enough to come and give us a hand on a number of occasions, and we have always wanted to get "Zodiak", "Many Meetings", and the four, of us all together.
R received a text from Mick to say that they were just two miles away, so we walked down past the lock and along to the next bridge to watch out for them. It was so good to see them again!
We helped them through the Wheaton Aston lock.
Then they moored up behind us and we had coffee and a catch up on "Zodiak". 
Brewood (pronounced "Brood") was the agreed destination for the evening and we cruised together down the Shroppie to some pretty moorings which we have used in the past just above the village.
Then we all retired to our respective boats for lunch and a quiet afternoon, given that the temperature reading was 31 deg.!  In fact we all had a siesta, which was very welcome.
When teatime came, there was great amusement to find that M and Jackie were wearing identical pinnies! Very appropriate, as it was Jackie who had given M the matching pinny!
Jackie and Mick came on to MM for tea and cake and a longer catch-up. Later we decided to go into town for some dinner. Reconnaisance of the guidebooks identified the Admiral Rodney pub, that we had used before, and which served "real ales" much to Mick's delight. However, on arriving in the town, the pub was not to be seen and enquiries of two gentlemen passing by revealed that it had been turned into flats! A great shame.  However, the two chaps recommended The Lion Hotel, which had recently been refurbished and was conveniently just across from where we were standing.
We had a lovely evening and very good food, ending up back on "Zodiak" for hot chocolate and some Cadbury's Whole Nut. We also had a chance to see some of Jackie and Mick's photos from their travels. Liverpool was apparently fantastic, something for us to look forward to another year.
Today: 3 miles, 0 locks and 1.8 hours.
Trip: 207 miles, 179 locks and 169.6 hours.

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