Saturday, 7 June 2014

Printer Problems and Camera-shy Hares.

Saturday 7th June, 2014 at the top of Bosley Locks.
Once more, M woke up confused. Why was the sun rising in the west again? It wasn't of course, it was just that M thought that MM was pointing north when in fact the boat was pointing south!
The bright early morning sky was unreliable and thunderstorms were forecast over the weekend. Sure enough, by 9am we had thunder and lightning.
When we eventually started out, we passed through a beautiful example of a turnover bridge - it is designed so that a horse can get from one side of the canal to the other (when the towpath changes sides) without having to unhitch the horse from the barge that it was towing. The "Maccie" is renowned for such bridges; they are known as "snake bridges" up here.
Our printer on MM has stopped working, the inkjet heads appear to be blocked and won't clear; R thinks it is because it has been left standing idle for seven months. A little internet research showed that there was a PCWorld store next to the canal in Macclesfield so we moored up at Gurnett Aqueduct and walked the mile along the towpath to the outlet. At this point, of course, it started to rain but it was still a pleasant walk beside the canal.
PCWorld had plenty of printers but R was not sure of the exact measurements of the available space on MM and so decided to wait. The prospect of carrying  a huge box back for a mile along the towpath in the rain also influenced the decision! There is another outlet in Stoke-on-Trent and we can do that in the car once we are back at Aston on Thursday.
The rainy morning turned into a lovely late afternoon and we moored up close to the top of the flight of 12 locks at Bosley; we shall go down the flight tomorrow.
The sunshine was so welcome and we saw two hares playing in the field on the other side of the canal. We tried to photograph them but only managed to catch their ears!
A lovely old gentleman called Graham passed by with three dogs and we fell into conversation with him. He lives on his boat nb "Suits Us" and had a wealth of interesting stories to tell.
The moon, still waxing, was bright in the evening sky.
Today: 7 miles, 0 locks and 4.3 hours.
Trip: 71 miles, 28 locks and 43.6 hours.

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