Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The End of our Summer Cruise.

Wednesday 21st October, 2015 at Aston Marina.
Never moor under trees in autumn - even beautiful beeches! Heavy rain overnight brought the leaves showering down on MM's roof and R had only washed it the day before. Bother!
The rain eased up by mid-morning and we were delighted to welcome Bridgett and Peter on board for coffee. We hope to meet up again soon on one of our visits to Aston.

We set off at midday, with only five miles and one lock before us. This year, Sandon lock was our first lock of the trip in June and now it is the last lock in October - how fitting, and how poignant...
Nice to see a bull running with a herd of cows in a large field - but he was a really big fella! M saw some sloes in the field but decided not to risk invading his space!
The last mile-post with just one mile to go.
And finally through the very last bridge of our trip.

A22, MM's mooring spot awaited her, although a strong wind made backing her in "interesting". (note from M - R did splendidly, as always!).
We moored up at 2:00pm and walked up to the Bistro for a coffee.
So here we are, at the end of yet another marvellous summer cruise. Feeling "happy/sad", we said to each other. Happy to be going home for the winter, to friends, family and lots of lovely things planned. Yet sad that a wonderful cruise is finally at an end.
Many precious memories of spectacular scenery, some great people and lots of fun.
Next year? Who knows?
We look forward to being back in the spring.
Today: 5 miles, 1 lock and 3.9 hours.
Trip: 514 miles, 345 locks and 382.7 hours.
Since MM was launched: 2,109 miles, 1,451 locks and 1,660.1 hours.

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