Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Autumn Glories.

The Hedgerows and Autumn Fruits.
Well, here we are. finally at the end of another marvellous summer cruise. In the last three weeks, we cruised down to Braunston and back to Aston. We were blessed with some wonderful autumn days when the colours in the hedgerows were at their best in the late sunshine.
So, rather than signing off on a sad note, here are some of M's favourite "glories of the hedgerows":

 "Traveller's Joy" (or "Old Man's Beard")

  Autumn Leaves

 Hawthorn Berries

 Mossy Rose Gall on the Wild Rose

Rose Hips

 Elder Berries

 Sweet Briony

Sloes on Blackthorn

More Hawthorn Berries


What a beautiful note on which to end this summer's cruise!

See you in the spring!

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