Wednesday, 9 August 2017

All Change!

Wednesday 9th August 2017 at Bournville.
A change of plan has led to a change of itinerary. Back home, Elly and Matt are in the process of converting a former ironmonger's shop into a new premises for their "Idol Hands" guitar school. There is a huge amount of renovation work to be done and we have decided to go home for two weeks to help. M can help by looking after Eva and Tilly while R can help with the building work. But we still need to get MM to Guildford by the first week of September to get ready for our own kitchen extension. We have booked MM into Enslow Marina with Tiffany and Richard just north of Oxford, where she was launched - but we need to get MM down there as quickly as possible.
So, we set off from Sherborne Wharf in Birmingham as soon as we arrived there by train.
It really is very attractive - and interesting - these days in the centre of the city.
The Worcester Bar, the junction between the Birmingham Canal Navigation and the Worcester & Birmingham canals, is busy with people, caf├ęs and restaurants.
We were fascinated by what we called the "jigsaw" building; it looks like a child's puzzle pieces have been stuck on the outside.
Everyone waves from the many bridges across the canal.
Finally leaving the built-up area behind, it looks like we are already in the countryside - but we are less than a mile from the centre!
We moored up again at the secure moorings opposite Cadbury in Bournville - but no time to do the tour again as we must get on.
To get to Enslow Wharf, the trip is 79 miles and 108 locks and we want to be back early next week so we are going to have to do some long days, not our normal way of travelling!
Today: 4 miles, 0 locks and 3.4 hours (including power).
161 miles, 144 locks and 124.7 hours

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