Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Strange Sights Come in Threes?

Tuesday 15th August 2017 at Enslow Marina.
R, who was up early, with a long day ahead, captured this image of the mist lingering over the meadow next to the canal.
Today was much brighter and R washed MM down so that she would be looking her best when she arrived at Enslow, which is where Kingsground, who built MM, is based.
The overnight mooring had been very quiet and picturesque but it was a long way to Enslow and R wanted to get home tonight if possible so set off as soon as MM was cleaned.
This tythe barn reminded R of the one at Bradford-on-Avon, which is in similar beautiful condition.
One sees some strange sights next to the canal. Not sure if the rabbit was shooting at the golfing frog or just at passing boats.
As far as strange sights go, this was another unusual one. Ignoring the difficulty of tacking back and forth across a 30 ft canal, how does he get that mast under the bridges?

And they say that these things go in threes... One single black swan. The last time we saw black swans anywhere was a couple of years ago! Definitely "Billy no-mates".

Arriving, at Enslow Wharf, R took the opportunity to fill up with diesel and was very happy to see Tiffany and Richard, the owners of the marina and Kingsground.  He spent a while catching up with them and looking at their brilliant new workshop, including their latest boat nb "Never Ending Story" that was due to be launched the following day.
Finally, R went to take MM from the service bay to the mooring where she will stay for the next two weeks, but before he could leave the service bay he was joined by "Buttons", the marina cat, who explored MM happily while R moved her.

Richard then very kindly drove R to Oxford Parkway to start the journey home.
We plan to be back in two weeks and continue our journey down to Guildford - so please watch this space.
Today: 8 miles, 5 locks and 4.6 hours.
Trip: 235 miles, 242 locks and 166.2 hours.

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