Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Still at Braunston.

Tuesday 4th June, 2013 still at Braunston
A lovely sunny morning, although the wind is still cold. Our mooring is opposite a colourful field full of tall, wild buttercups.
We spent the day here at Braunston, in a way reluctant to move as it is such a special place, but also as we were awaiting the outcome of Angela's boat buying plans. She had gone off to nearby Barby Marina to look at a boat she had heard about from a friend of hers. We are also staying around here as we are going home for a few days on Friday and we have booked MM into Braunston Marina while we are away.
Meanwhile we walked up to the "Admiral Nelson" pub, next to lock 3 of the Braunston flight with a view to booking in for dinner with Angela this evening.
We had been past it a number of times but it was always closed. This time it turned out to be open - hooray! We not only made a reservation but also shared a very good brie, cranberry and bacon sandwich, which came with excellent chips much to M's delight!  R tried their "Hobnobber" ale while M had a local cider, brewed in Welton Village - she said it made her feel a bit sleepy! We walked back to MM via the village shop, where we acquired the inevitable "few bits".
Angela returned later in the afternoon and announced happily: "I've bought a boat!" It appears that nb "Petit Hibou" turned out to be more or less what she was looking for and a bargain to boot.
In the evening, we all went up to the "Admiral Nelson" to celebrate with another bottle of "Anything but Merlot" (Angela likes red wine as long as it's not Merlot!).
On the way up to the pub we saw, in the evening sunlight, that the chimney of the old pumping station had "GJC 1897" on the side in the pattern of the bricks.
It celebrates the building of the pumping station for the "Grand Junction Canal".
Today: No miles.

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  1. Reading your blog! Did you buy the petit hibou in the end as we see it often.