Friday, 6 September 2013

Erika, Lucas and Dan Visit.

Friday 6th September, 2013 at Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent.
The forecast rain arrived as advertised. We got very wet on the return journey into Stoke; however, we can't complain as this is only the second time on this year's cruise that our waterproofs have come out.
On the way, we passed a huge manufacturing plant with three large tanks next to the canal labelled "Liquid Argon", "Liquid Oxygen" and "Liquid Nitrogen". In the cold, damp air the pipes coming from the tanks were covered in ice and creating a mist that was drifting over the canal.
Soon after, the engine and propellor began to vibrate - usually a sign of something caught up on the propellor. R stopped at the next lock, went down the weed hatch and retrieved a rather battered Nike sweat shirt that had wrapped itself around the "prop".
We moored up at Etruria in the same spot as last Monday, next to the same two boats that hadn't moved at all. It was lunchtime, so R set off on foot for Stoke railway station to meet Erika and Lucas off the train while M set off for a "few bits" from Morrison's. It was raining hard, so M was delighted when the owner of nb "Pedpha", moored up next to us, offered her a lift to Morrison's in his car.
R returned at about 2:00pm with Erika and Lucas. It was lovely to see them. Lucas is such a smiley little boy, very chatty and content.
After a late lunch, we walked up to the Doulton "Outlet" shop and spent a very happy hour looking around. We bought some Doulton crystal wine glasses for MM and some Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" tea plates, all at heavily discounted prices.
Dan arrived later in the evening after "work" (having spent the day playing golf; sorry - networking!) in time for a "Spag-Bol" washed down with an excellent Rioja in our new wine glasses.
Erika read Lucas a bed-time story, but it seems that Lucas was enjoying turning the pages much more than Erika's reading!
Lucas is now at the "rolling over" stage, so making up a secure bed for him was a challenge. When awake, he can just about roll over, but not back. When asleep, he rolls back and forth with no trouble at all!

Today: 6 miles, 3 locks and 7.0 hours.
Trip: 368 miles, 291 locks and 302.3 hours.

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