Friday, 27 September 2013

M Goes Home Overnight.

Thursday 26th and Friday 27th September, 2013 to Nuneaton.
M has to go home today for a dental appointment. It may seem a long way to go for the dentist but the hygienist at her practice books up six months ahead, so cancelling it is not really an option.
R walked to Atherstone Station with M and, after waving her off on the train, went to console himself (or celebrate!) at Costa!
As we very much want to do the Ashby Canal and the end of the season draws ever closer, we decided that R would take MM down to Nuneaton to pick up M when she returns tomorrow evening. This will "buy" us an extra day and that, together with a "Cunning Plan" hatched by R, should mean we can do all the things that we want to without having to rush to get back to Aston Marina for the winter (we hope!).
M had taken her camera with her, so R was a bit stuck when he saw a solitary relic of the old telephone network. So he stopped MM and got out his phone!
R moored for the night just outside Nuneaton and then in the morning sailed into the middle of the town expecting it to be urban and noisy - but again, the canals are a secret world and he found a very quiet mooring just a few hundred yards from the main road into the centre of town.
At 6:00pm, R walked into the centre of town to meet M at the station. Her train had been packed, "standing roon only" all the way from Euston, but luckily she was one of the first ones to board and so had a seat. We walked back through the town together. Even in this urban environment there was a lovely sunset.
The town had a mixture of architectural styles but looked more than a little run down. Tomorrow, we plan to come in to do some shopping; the town has the reputation for having a very good street market. We will see!
Two Days: 5 miles, 0 Locks and 10.3 hours.
Trip: 432 miles, 327 locks and 373.4 hours

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