Saturday, 12 October 2013

A New Camera for Marion.

Saturday 12th October, 2013 at Nuneaton.
To our surprise, the Canal Basin in the city centre was very quiet overnight and we both slept well. The rain had continued all night and carried on all morning, so we got rather wet as we said goodbye to our overnight moorings and set off back up the canal toward Hawkesbury Junction.
On the way out of the city, we passed some fencing that had been created and painted in a very imaginative way. We particularly liked the little gold bubbles! However, even this looked sadly neglected.
At the junction, we stopped for water and then some lunch close to the old pumping station that used to pump water into the canal from a well, using a Newcomen-type atmospheric engine called "Lady Godiva". It was installed here in 1821 after working in the Griff Colliery for nearly 100 years!  She ceased work in 1913 and "Lady Godiva" is now in the Dartmouth Museum.
The rain eased off a little in the afternoon as we continued on up to Nuneaton, but by the time we got there, it was raining very heavily again. We moored up in the same spot where we had stopped on the way down last month.
Despite the rain, we decided to walk into town as R had discovered that the town boasted a large Curry's store and he wanted to buy M a new camera to replace the one that ended up in the canal last Tuesday. A young lad named Luke showed us the cameras that they had and M chose a very pretty red one and a purple carrying case (R liked the spec, M liked the colour!).
On the way back to MM, we just "happened" to stop off at a Costa Coffee where, luckily, R set up M's new camera; only to discover that the memory card sold with it was not compatible. M went back to MM with the shopping, while R went back to the Curry's store and exchanged the memory card for one that worked. To be fair to Luke, there was nothing in the camera instructions that indicated any compatibility problem. Still, the store was very helpful and soon R was back on board, quite wet, but with a working camera for M, and we took a "test" piccie in MM!
Today: 10 miles, 0 locks and 5 hours.
Trip:  539 miles, 335 locks and 429.9 hours.

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