Wednesday, 4 May 2016

We Are Back Again!

Wednesday 4th May, 2016 in Weston.
We are off on our summer cruise... "... and May the Fourth be with you!" (Sorry!).
Who would have thought it? After the wettest winter on record and a long, long, cold spring - suddenly summer arrived this morning!
What a joy it was to have glorious sunshine and feel the warmth of the sun.
We had a hearty breakfast in Aston Marina Bistro, then Nick from the office, who is in charge of moorings, came on board and we finally left our mooring to make our way to the service bay for diesel and water.
Nick doesn't often get the chance to go on the boats for which he is responsible, so it was really nice to take him the short distance to the service bay.
He was very excited to be going on a boat handling course next week - and it turned out that it is with our great friend Terry Robertson as his instructor. It was Terry who taught us back in 2008 (check).
On the service bay, we filled up with water and diesel and emptied the poo tank.
Finally, well after lunchtime, we said a fond farewell to the Marina staff and headed out on to the canal, turning south towards Weston-upon-Trent.
This first day is always a very special occasion - MM has been spring cleaned inside and out, fully provisioned with food, water and fuel - and to cap it all, the sun shone from a clear blue sky. Bliss!
There is always that wonderful feeling that steals over us as we slip quietly along the waterways. Suddenly any worries and tensions evaporate and vanish gently away. It is the most marvellous feeling.
It was lovely to be out in the countryside again.
After a couple of miles came our first (and only) lock of the day at Sandon.

By 5pm, we had arrived at Weston where our good friends Bridgett and Peter live in a picture-postcard house beside the canal. We had arranged to meet them for dinner and were pleased to find a mooring space right at the bottom of their garden.
Bearing a bottle of champagne, we joined them in their pretty summer house (watched by a family of mice).
Later, as the sun went down (and after a second bottle of bubbles!!!), we joined them for a superb dinner cooked by Bridgett.
The perfect conclusion to the perfect first day!
Today: 4 miles, 1 lock and 2.0 hours

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