Friday, 20 May 2016

An Angry Duck and a Happy Reunion.

Wednesday 18th to Friday 20th May, 2016 at Braunston.
We stayed around Braunston for three days without going too far; we are in no hurry and we do love this little village.
The days passed quietly and happily, visits to the Gongoozler's Rest and the village community tea room being mandatory.
Friday had a rather dramatic start. M, while sitting quietly with her early morning tea, noticed movement in the long grass under the hedge beside the towpath and resolved to investigate when she was dressed. However, she was too late; a dog passing with its owner made a dive for the spot and emerged wth a female duck in its mouth. The owner shouted at the dog, the duck managed to get free and flew off, squawking loudly. Later, M went to investigate and saw the poor creature had made a nest and had been sitting on an egg.
Not surprisingly, the duck did not return.
It appears that another calamity had befallen the local feathered population - our local family of swans had six cygnets yesterday - today, they only had five.
However, Mr and Mrs Duck were waiting beside MM hoping to be fed some corn. He was quite shy, but she fixed us with a steely stare as if to say, "Get on with it!"
As these are 48 hour limited moorings and we had already stayed two nights, being responsible boaters (!), we decided to move down the canal. However, M had just pegged out the washing and there was a bridge to go through. It looked as if it should make it ... but it was a very tight fit!
Friday was our last chance to stock up in the big Waitrose in Daventry, so in the afternoon, we took the bus into town for a "Few Bits".
When M lived in Daventry, she had a good friend called Pat Manchester, whom she had not seen since she left 28 years ago (although they have always kept in touch). On an impulse, M knocked on Pat's door as we were passing - and she was in!
They were thrilled to see each other again after so long and the three of us spent a very happy hour having a catch up.
Three Days: 9.6 hours power only.
Trip: 81 miles, 36 locks and 65.9 hours.

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