Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Rain All Day!!

Tuesday 10th May, 2016 north of Nuneaton.
True to the forecast, the rain arrived at breakfast time, so we had a proper cooked breakfast to prepare for a wet day ahead!
We donned our waterproofs and walked into town in search of darning wool. On our last visit volunteering at Mary Arden's Farm, M assumed the role of "darning lady", sitting in the Palmer House darning Tudor "hose" (i.e socks!) - but the purpose of the walk into Atherstone today was in search of wool for a number of R's jerseys that are in need of her darn(ing) skills.
Atherstone High Street has no chain stores, only small "real" shops. "Crafty Corner" proved to be a haberdasher's dream, a true Aladdin's Cave of knitting, sewing and embroidery delights. It even had doll's house furniture. M was in her element and we spent a long time talking to Wendy, the owner.
Further down the street is a proper old fashioned ironmongers with everything you might need and several things that you hadn't thought of piled from floor to ceiling. Today, we didn't go in as R had overdosed on the contents yesterday!
M's daughter Elle often sings in a 1940/50's duo and dresses the part. In Atherstone was a shop specialising in just the kind of clothes she wears to perform.
Oh yes! A little further down the High Street is a very familiar and welcome "chain" store...
Atherstone is famous for the "Yards" where workers in the hatting industry were crammed into crowded yards, lined with small tenements with only a small path between, often named after the pubs at their narrow entrance - such as the "Druids Arms" yard.
Back on MM, R enjoyed a slice of Tilly's multi-coloured birthday cake, made by Elle.  Tilly was two years old last week and M had brought back a slice of cake for him from Tilly's birthday party on Sunday. Guy looked on hopefully (but he didn't get any!).
As the rain showed no sign of letting up, R decided to go on a few more miles towards Braunston.
Just before Nuneaton, we moored up for the day. The rain continued all day and into the evening without let up.
Today: 3 miles, 0 locks and 3.8 hours.
Trip: 44 miles, 20 locks and 29.0 hours.


  1. Hello to you both , just been catching up on your travels. We are back at our marina at Yardley Gobion. We had a lovely weekend on Tacet enjoying the sun and walks at Gt Linford. Enjoy your cruise best wishes Clinton Sharon & Eddy the cat

    1. Hi Clinton, Sharon and Eddy,
      So nice to hear from you. We are heading for Braunston and then on to Crick. Two days ago we moored up at the place outside Polesworth where we met up with you in October last year. Still a lovely mooring!
      Very best wishes - Robin & Marion.