Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Another Cricket Match and a Herd of Deer.

Wednesday 31st August, 2016 by Beeston Castle.
A rather overcast start to the day. We missed the sunshine that we have grown accustomed to!

We set off fairly early. Another cricket match was in progress in a garden backing on to the canal - much to our amusement.
Wharton's Lock afforded a beautiful picturesque view of Beeston Castle across the fields.
A close-up on R's camera (a bit hazy as it was right into the sun) shows visitors on the top of the castle on the inner bailey.
We moored up just after the lock.
Having secured MM, M discovered that R had (foolishly) left his windlass at the lock. We walked the few yards back to the lock and ended up helping another boat through. They turned out to be from Australia and had recently bought their narrowboat nb. "Lazy Bee". They had rented boats for a number of years but then decided to buy their own and spend six months in England and six months in Australia. It was clear that they were thrilled with their new boat; they looked so happy.
R had seen some deer from the canal on the way down a few days ago, so we walked along the towpath to see if they were still there. By sheer fortunate timing, they were posing on the crest of the same hill some distance from the canal.
Luckily, R's camera has a 30x zoom and so he was able to get some good shots of the herd.
It seems that they are a captive herd as wild deer would not normally have sat like that on the skyline, nor would they have been in the same place a week later.
This lone doe was watching us closely, even though we were a long way off.
Back at MM, we stayed put and had a quiet afternoon.
Today:7 miles, 1 lock and 4.6 hours.
Trip: 301 miles, 217 locks and 224.8 hours.

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