Monday, 22 August 2016

Back on Board Again.

Monday 22nd August, 2016 Just West of Aqueduct Marina.
We arrived back at Aqueduct Marina mid afternoon after a bus ride, three trains and a taxi.
It was tempting to stay in this lovely marina one more night, but after a cup of tea in the Café, we decided to move on. We moved MM on to the service bay for a pump out and then made our way to the exit past the marina buildings.
At the exit, we turned west with a rather dramatic sky scape in the east.
At Minshull Lock, just a few hundred yards from the marina, we met a chap who was single handing a recently acquired boat and who was, by his own admission, "inexperienced with locks". Although he was in front of us, he suggested that we go through the lock first as he was likely to be slow. We suggested he should go through first and we would help him through - which we did.
At 11 ft, it is a deep lock and he was very grateful for the help. Although we had travelled only a short distance from the marina, it was clear that there was something on the propellor causing a nasty vibration. So R went down the weed hatch to remove a large piece of cloth, which had wrapped itself around the propellor.
Soon after the lock, we both moored up and his dog "Buster" came to say hello. We think that he fancied becoming ship's dog. M remarked that she used to look after a dog also called Buster when she was young.
This Middlewich arm of the Shroppie is truly lovely and we were treated to another beautiful light effect down the canal.
Yet another pretty and peaceful mooring, the only sound coming across the fields was from occasional distant trains. A little soft rain fell overnight.
Today: 1 mile, 1 locks and 0.9 hours, 1 kingfisher and 2 herons
Trip: 249 miles, 193 locks and 191.4 hours.

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