Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon!

Wednesday 17th August, 2016 at Church Minshull.
...with a nod to the Kinks. One of our favourite songs of all time. We saw the West End show last November; absolutely fantastic.
A beautiful day - this is the third time that we have moored here and each time the weather has been sunny and warm. Better come here every year!
"Our" bench was the perfect place for M's early morning cuppa.
Behind us was moored nb "Norton Sun". We've been passing each other for about a week now, so we went and had a chat. Martin and Mary (and their very elderly dog Toby) had been joined for the day by friends Malcolm and Katherine, whom they hadn't seen for twenty years!
The sun was very hot, so R set up MM's large umbrella as a sun shade. Posh!
Some way back down the canal, we had passed an ice cream and gift shop so had promised ourselves that we would walk back to it. It was definitely hot enough to justify an ice cream, so we set off down the towpath. After about a mile, we saw the welcome sign.
The shop is incorporated into a family run dairy farm and access is through a field and their garden gate.
It turned out that the ice cream is the same that is served at Aston Marina (so we know it well!).
We enjoyed our ice creams in the lovely back garden of the farm house (although the garden was in need of some weeding. The lady owner said the cows take precedence!).
Walking back to MM, we watched this "cowgirl" at work (top right), rounding up the cows on horseback for milking.
"Our" bench was the ideal spot to have supper, a glass or two of wine and to watch the sun go down. Happy days!
The moonrise was spectacular, the moon will be full tomorrow morning. It seemed that one of the cows opposite was trying to "head" the moon.
Today: M, R and MM all lazed quietly in the sun.

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