Wednesday, 28 June 2017

A Short but Rural Journey.

Wednesday 28th June 2017 at Dunhampstead.
It's lovely towpath walking here. For much of today, M walked the towpath between locks that were very close together; while R and MM disappeared behind sedges which grow to about 10ft tall. The sedges are a haven for wildlife, especially birds.
The locks are in a pretty setting, even on an overcast day. The hay in the adjoining meadow had already been cut and baled and will no doubt give the farmer a second cut.
The M5 was an unwelcome but brief intrusion on the tranquillity of the waterway. But the noise of it carries for at least a mile on either side.
This really has to be our ideal house! A perfect setting with its small adjacent church; a scene probably little changed for several hundred years.
Finally a chance to wash down the roof, which had got very dirty sitting in the marina for five days, not helped by the rain and the need to walk across the roof in locks, which tends to make muddy footprints.
The evening reflections on the water were lovely.
We were basking in the peace of our surroundings and enjoying the sound of a flock of young long-tailed tits in the hedge beside us when the tranquillity was shattered by a pair of Hercules which thundered overhead at about 500ft. Brilliant!
Today: 3 miles, 6 locks and 2.3 hours.
Trip: 75 miles, 63 locks and 60.1 hours.

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