Sunday, 18 June 2017

On to the River Severn and on to Worcester.

Sunday 18th June 2017 in Worcester.
The water in the basin was very calm at 8:00am and the temperature blissfully cool - but not for long!
After breakfast, we set off across the basin to the four narrow locks, which drop you down on to the River Severn, past the finger post pointing the way.
The funfair is right next to the locks, so we got a close-up view. M was still not impressed with the idea of being hoist into the air and spun around with her feet dangling. (Note from M: "NO WAY"!!)
We were helped down the two staircase lock pairs by a very hot C&RT volunteer who was looking forward to his tea break. Eventually, we left the last lock and went out on to the river.
We had befriended a couple, Ray and Helen on nb "Bigger Decisions", in the basin. It was their first time on the Severn, so we agreed to go down river together.
We parted company temporarily as we pulled into Stourport Marina for some diesel, so we went through the first river lock with a cabin cruiser complete with a very enthusiastic crew.
The River Severn is a very big river, even this far from the sea. It is lined with high banks, to protect the surrounding countryside from flooding, and the trees have grown undisturbed on the banks. There was a slight breeze on the river but it was still very hot!
There are not too many properties close to the river because of the risk of flooding, but this cottage looked to be just what we needed!
The river locks are quite large but there were a couple of cruisers waiting behind us which were so wide that they couldn't fit into the lock beside us.
By the third river lock, we had caught up our friends on "Bigger Decisions" and we went ahead to scout out a good mooring close to the city centre. On the way we were passed, more than once, by a rowing eight with a very attractive, competent and scantily clad female crew. A sight for sore eyes, said R! It is clear that rowing has become increasingly popular with ladies as they easily outnumbered the men we saw on the river.
We moored up in exactly the same place as we had three years ago. There is, unusually, a small charge but the mooring is both convenient and quiet. Our friends Ray and Helen moored up behind us and very kindly invited us on board for a glass of wine, which we enjoyed immensely along with their excellent company.
This youngster thought that he ought to join us but, sadly, he went away disappointed.
Back on board MM, we opened all the windows to cool off and watch the sunset.
Today: 12 miles,7 locks and 8.4 hours (including two days' power) and one kingfisher!
Trip: 67 miles, 51 locks and 49.8 hours.

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