Tuesday, 6 June 2017

A Short Dash in between the Showers.

Tuesday 6th June, 2017 at Greensforge.
More heavy rain and a blustery wind all night and well into the morning. It appears that the whole country is being battered by this autumnal weather (typical for an English summer?).
This coot and her chick didn't seem to take much notice.
While waiting for the rain to ease, we had the Big Breakfast complete with fried potatoes for M, which were left over from last night's dinner. M was very happy!
It was still raining on and off at 11:00 but M wanted to post a letter, so we walked up to the little parade of shops in Swindon. M was admiring an unusual garden on the other side of the canal with what looked like an old wharf.
Concentrating on the garden, M failed to see a huge puddle on the towpath and walked straight through it.
It was quite deep and the water came right over her shoes. R tried not to laugh - but failed miserably!
Swindon used to have a lovely little bakery and tea room, between the Fish and Chip shop and the Post Office, with a lovely cat called Sam. Unfortunately, the lady who ran the bakery retired just this last April, so it was closed. We just missed it!
Eventually, the rain stopped and we carried on through the next two locks and moored up in sight of Ashwood Marina (the entrance is on the left as the canal bends round to the right in the photo).
Early tomorrow morning, we will go into Ashwood Marina and moor up so that we can go home for two nights. We had applied for postal votes for the General Election, but they had not arrived before we left, so we will go home tomorrow to vote. 
We moored in Ashwood in September 2014, it is a very long, thin marina with nowhere to turn so we have to back all the way in tomorrow as we will be mooring at the very far end of it. Interesting!
We expect to be back Friday afternoon, so watch out for us then.
Today: 1 mile, 2 locks and 2.9 hours.
Trip: 40 miles, 31 locks and 23.2 hours.

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