Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A Foxy Day

Tuesday and Wednesday 16th & 17th October in Goring.
Although the moorings in Goring are technically 24 hour moorings, we talked to the lock-keeper and he was happy for us to stay a bit longer as there is very little traffic moving on the river.
So we were up before dawn and R left to catch a train to Guildford for his medical check-up (all OK). Later in the morning, M locked up MM and caught the train back to Reigate as she had an appointment early Wednesday morning and the second rehearsal with the new choir that evening.
Back in Reigate, it was  a lovely sunny day and M was not the only one enjoying the sunshine in the back garden. A very handsome fox was fast asleep under the washing line!
From Guildford, R went on to Liphook to see Peter and then had a very tedious journey back with one train cancelled and the next one 20 minutes late. However, all was not lost, as this afforded him the opportunity to enjoy a Costa Coffee on Reading station while he waited!
On Wednesday, R went into Capture for the day - it's only a five minute walk from the river, so R is able to arrive saying airily "I arrived by boat!" - what a pose!!!!  Meanwhile, back in Reigate, M busied herself with domestics. In the evening the choir rehearsal went well, although M said the new choir still feels rather strange.
M is due to come back to MM early tomorrow morning so that we can resume our progress up the Thames.
5.8 hours running to charge the batteries over the two days.

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