Sunday, 7 October 2012

Back to Reading

Sunday 7th October, 2012 - Back in Reading.
We arrived back at Reading Marina at tea-time, after the now-obligatory stop for a coffee at Costa Coffee on the station. M observed that, during the course of this summer, we must have downed almost as many Costa coffees as locks we have opened!
It was a lovely still autumn afternoon as we left the marina, crossed the Thames and re-entered the Kennet and Avon Canal. Nothing was moving on the River or the Canal and as we went through Blake's Lock on to the canal, we noticed that the Thames was "Red Boarded." This means that the river flow is so strong that travel on the river is not allowed. We had been okay, as all we did was cross the river, but this may effect our plans for the next few days, as we will have to wait until the river goes down before we can proceed.
We moored up again on the Oscar Wilde Walk under the horse-chestnut trees because tomorrow R has to go off on business for the day.
Today: 1 mile, 1 lock and 1.1 hours.
Trip: 294 miles, 304 locks and 262.7 hours (415.4 total).

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